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Cleveland County Firefighters Association Endorses County Commissioner Kevin S. Gordon for Re-election in 2024

Citizens of Cleveland County,

Over the past 40 years, Kevin Gordon has been a vital part of the fire service in Cleveland County. He served as the Chief of Waco Community Volunteer Fire Department for 26 years, as well as a fire instructor for Cleveland Community College, where he has taught many students who went on to protect Cleveland County, including myself. He has also served in the role of President of the Firefighters Association. Kevin facilitated the awarding of a grant for Cleveland County, which allowed the fire service to purchase new radios, improving the safety of all county residents.

Since Commissioner Gordon's election in 2020, Cleveland County's Fire Service and Public Safety, in general, has improved by leaps and bounds. We are now safer than we have ever been thanks to the emphasis that has been placed on the safety of all by the Cleveland County Commissioners and their Chair, Kevin Gordon.

I look forward to continuing our work and commitment to the safety of the residents of Cleveland County. You can help us do that by assisting me in re-electing Kevin Gordon to the Cleveland County Commission.


C. E. Jones III, President

Cleveland County Firefighters Association

Photo Credit: Waco VFD


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